Samsung smartwatch

All eyes on the Samsung’s new Smartwatch

Much awaited Samsung Gear S4 or Samsung Sport 2 will now be called the Samsung Galaxy watch and is all set to hit the market. The latest smartwatch was unveiled a few days ago and the release date for the US was announced to be Aug 26th. However, the customers in the UK will have to wait till September 6th.

Samsung Smartwatch

Let us tell you what this smartwatch has in store for you in our quick review!


The smartwatch will be available in 2 different sizes. The larger one is 13mm thick and weighs 63g without the strap. Although the watch is only available in the silver color you can have the strap in either black or blue or grey.

Samsung smartwatch


The small-sized watch is thinner with about 12.7mm thickness. This one comes in Rose Gold and Midnight Black in color. Its straps are available in black, grey, red yellow, beige, purple and brown.

Samsung smartwatch

Samsung smartwatch


Galaxy smartwatch is also equipped with a rotating bezel; a feature in many other Samsung devices. The customers will have a choice of over 60,000 watch faces to choose from to facilitate personalization.


One of the highlights of this smartwatch is that it’s swim-ready. You can time yourself using the watch without having to take it off for the dip. Sources tell that waterproofing is up to 5 meters.


The smartwatch comes with1.3 and 1.2-inch AMOLED. Both the watches are protected by Corning Gorilla DX+ tech and have a resolution of 360×360.

Galaxy Fitness manager

Samsung has equipped this smartwatch with fitness features to keep you in shape. If your heart rate increases, the watch detects it and will send you a notification. Moreover, it automatically detects your workout grind and provides you with plenty of workout options that you can easily monitor using it. It also gives you 21 indoor exercises.

Samsung smartwatch

The watch will track your sleep cycle and help you manage your sleep. How exactly, we don’t know that yet.

Voice Assistant

Samsung’s very own assistant ‘Bixby’ will also be available on this smartwatch. Rumor has it Bixby will replace all the other S voice features. You’d be able to speak to your watch, how cool is that?

Robust battery

The smartwatches will have 472mAh and 270mAh batteries respectively. The company claims that you can use the smartwatch up to seven days without having to charge it.


The smaller watch will cost $329.99 for the Bluetooth version and $399.99 for the LTE version. For the larger one; $349.99 and $379.99 respectively.

What do we think about it?

All in all, the watch looks good. Exquisite fitness features, brilliant display and what not. If the battery is as good as Samsung suggests without the low battery power mode then we are definitely rooting for it.

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