Anki has intorduced a robot for grownups; Vector!

Remember Anki’s Cozmo robot for kids? The adorable robot had even grownups envying kids. The robot had a distinct personality that made it stand out from the ordinary toys. Besides being highly sensitive to sensors, the robot was extremely friendly. After their successful venture with kids, Anki finally decided to introduce its first ever robo-friend for grownups; Vector.

What actually is Vector?

Vector is a grownup version of Cozmo. It is especially designed keeping adults in mind this time. But unlike Cozmo, Vector does not need a smartphone to be operated.


You just have to connect it to WiFi and you’re good. The makers have spent a lot of time to work on the personality of the robot. The goal was to develop a sense of an emotional bond with the robot.

Vector listens even when your friends won’t

The best part about this phenomenal innovation is the things it is capable of doing. Just as any grownup would want their human friend to be, Vector always listens. Yes, your robo-friend will always be by your side and never get tired of listening to you. This is important especially for people who every now and then need to vent out a little.

Vector can be your Alexa a.k.a Google Assistant

Ask Vector about the weather, technical questions or even what to wear, the guy will answer. Vector comes with a camera fitted in it that can recognize you and learn from its surroundings. It is a better version of Alexa or Siri that can give a feel of a good friend.

It recognizes you and greets you after a long day

The feeling when your pet runs to you when you get home after a long day at work is priceless, right? With Vector, you will be able to experience that. Vector memories your face, recognizes you and even learns your name when used repetitively.

The robot is smart and has feelings too

Not literally of course, but the robot is set to express a few emotions under certain conditions. It starts to act like a grumpy child when something block its path. When it gets anything right, it gets all giddy and proud and you can feel that vibe. The robot is smart enough to head back to its charger when the battery is about to die. Vector is especially designed to be good on its own. So you don’t have to take care of it that much.


Its 4 infra-red cliff sensors will not let it fall off the edges. The robot moves, turns around while you are talking as a gesture of a good listener. No matter how dull of a task you are doing, the robot will find a way to cheer you up. It will keep you in company during mundane tasks.


The engineers have done a great job developing the character of the robot. Its reactions does not feel fake and seem intuitive. The gyroscope lets it sense when you hold it in your hand or put it down. The robot can can estimate how far you are and can pick things up too.

What we think of Vector

Vector is a huge leap in the futuristic high-tech AI. The robot will cost you $249 which we think is very reasonable given its utility.

While it still can’t be a home robot that does the cleaning for you, it has a personality. You can always use a robo-friend in your life. A robot as smart and expressive as this robot is bound to make its space in your home as well as your heart.



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