Best DC Inverters Ac in Pakistan

Due to climate changes, air conditioners are now becoming essential for Pakistani. But the increase in the electricity bills makes trouble for the people and become pain or stress point. So now different companies have launched the best dc inverters ac in Pakistan which are less costly than the old fashioned ac.

These ac can control the compressor motor speed to regulate the temperature continuously. If you want to know about the comparison between the features of the both ac, read the instructions below.

Comparison between the non-inverter and dc inverter ac power consumption

Both are comprised of same functions but having different compressor motor type. The comparisons between both ac are:

The compressor is either on or off in old ac. When it is on, it consumes more electricity to work and when thermostat detects the required temperature setting then it stops and only fan functions. So, when the temperature of the room fluctuated and thermostat senses, it starts again and that’s why it consumes a lot of energy and electricity.

While in the upgraded ac, the compressor functions at a high speed to heat or cool the room quickly. When the temperature access the requirement of room temperature then it slows down and maintain it. in this type, any fluctuation is detected and immediately adjusted to deliver the room temperature back. As it is designed to save up to 30-50% of electricity units, so the dc inverter ac power consumption is much lower as compared to ancient air conditioners.

What are the advantages of best dc inverters ac in Pakistan?

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Saves Money
  • Soundless operation
  • Long Life
  • Faster Cooling/Heating
  • Smart Capabilities

Buy dc inverter in Pakistan, enjoy one time investment

Different companies like Dawlance, Pel, Samsung, Orient manufactures the different sizes ranges from 1ton to 2ton new designed ac. They also provide the warranty for fewer months or years, so any manufacturer fault or damage will be repaired or replaced by the company. So before going to purchase your AC, you should get the complete knowledge about the brand first.Then visit different websites and stores to know detailed review about the specifications, features,and price of the product you want to buy.

You should know that the dc inverters are costlier than the old air conditioners. But it only cost you at the purchasing time as its lower power consumption, which will lessen the electricity bills. So, while deciding about your budget, you should know that this appliance is the one-time investment. The dc inverter ac prices in Pakistan in 2018 are now affordable and cheap for the customers. You can get the best dc inverters ac in Pakistan from our website with the full review and features and also at a reasonable rate.

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