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Blockchain Smartphones And All You Need To Know

Heard about the incoming blockchain smartphones? Here is everything you need to know. There are several companies launching it in near future, we have shared the first ones with you.

The technology of blockchain has been circling the news for very long now. A decentralized currency that is on its toes to revolutionize the economies of the world. Most of the people who know about blockchain are not able to acquire it at any level. But that is what’s about to change very soon.

With the launch of blockchain smartphones, the blockchain technology will be reaching the hands of the common people real soon. We have gathered information that might like to know about the upcoming revolution and who will be launching it in the nearest future.

Very first blockchain smartphones you need to know about

A few days ago, many rumors surfaced that soon mobile developing companies will be launching blockchain technology embedded into smartphones. Some of these companies already have their designs underway and a blockchain smartphone will be available in the market before you know. These latest technology smartphones will let the users have blockchain technology in their palms and share tokens, manage finances very easily. Here are the first three companies to launch the first blockchain smartphones;

  1. Sirin Lab, blockchain smartphone is coming this November

Sirin Lab is a Switzerland based lab that has been in the smartphone business for over a decade. A project regarding blockchain phones is underway in the laboratory and is set launch this November.

The phone will cost around $1000 and is named as Finney. The smartphone will be an Android phone but the difference will be that it will run on Sirin Operating System and will have an STore that will be able to run all the cryptocurrency related applications. Sirin Labs will be launching this phone keeping all the security measures in mind that come with blockchain technology.

2. HTC is second in the race and is all set to launch its first blockchain phone.

HTC is also one of the topnotch smartphone developing industries of the world. In the race of developing blockchain smartphones, how could HTC stay behind. It is set to launch its first latest technology embedded smartphone by the end of this year. HTC has a fine series of smartphones known as Exodus and the latest smartphone will enhance the thrill of the on-going line of predecessors. It’s price will be competitive to that of Finney.

3. Huawei is the next in top 3

Huawei is gearing up to enter the world of blockchain smartphones alongside Sirin and HTC.

As a matter of fact, rumor has it that currently Huawei is looking for ways to enter this phenomenal blockchain market. The company is striking deals with Sirin Labs to buy it’s operating system. Blockchain requires a heavy operating system to run its applications and Huawei wants to buy Sirin OS so that smartphones would run DApps without any interruptions.

So, this was all on blockchain smartphones. If you want anything to add up into our list, leave us with your feedback and we will surely get back to you.

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