What is LED?

It is a type of LCD TV in which light-emission diode is used at its backlight. That is why it is called LED (light emitting diode).

Why LED?

LED TVs are far better than any other LCD TV or simple TV. Following are several features of LED TVs which makes it your first choice:

  • Improved brightness
  • Enhanced picture quality
  • Consume less electricity
  • Can be fitted anywhere because of its thinner panel.
  • Less harmful for eyes

Companies making LED TVs 

There are a lot of companies that are making LED TVs. As customers prefer to buy LED TVs that is why companies are introducing a variety of them in different sizes and models. Their prices depend upon the sizes and features. Due to a huge market, companies are launching latest model with higher specifications and lucrative offers to attract customers towards their products which can lead them to become the best sellers in the under discussion product.

Things to look for while selecting an LED:

The most important part of purchasing any product is to know about their specs, and pros and cons. You  must be clear to you and you must be confident enough that whatever you are buying in a certain price range is up to your requirements. Following are some of the Tips as a reference Guide for choosing an LED.


In this modern world with so many options available in the market, don’t go for simple 1080 sets, as resolution enhances the picture quality that is why the 4K resolution is the latest and one of the best specifications in LED TV.  Always prefer to take 4K resolution model.

Go for a smart LED TV:

Now a day it is very difficult and time taking task to set antenna’s to catch signals and channels. Smart  TV is also one of the best options, as you only need to have internet in your house and you just connect and search all your favorite channels easily. One more thing is that Today, almost every model have similar features, so don’t waste a big amount of money by considering it as a lucrative specification.

Refresh Rate:

Refresh Rate is basically a term to describe that how many times a picture is refreshed per second on the screen. It is expressed in Hertz (Hz). It is also a very important factor; always go for a Refresh Rate which is not less than 120 Hz. Some are also giving 240 Hz Refresh rate.

HDMI Ports:

A 4K LED TV with lesser HDMI ports is sometimes considered as an under graded TV. Most Top LEDs of 2018 consists of 4 HDMI ports. So, go for a 4K  with 4 HDMI ports, so you can attach more things to it, like Sound Bar, Game Console, and External HDD etc.

Curved Screen is just a Fashion:

As a consumer, you must know that a 4K Smart TV with Flat Screen will be cheaper than a 4K Curved Screen TV even both the TVs would have the same specifications. So until unless you have a very large amount of money to waste, we will recommend going for a flat screen as a curved screen is just fashion.




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