Latest automatic washing machines price in Pakistan


The most common appliance which is the need and requirement of every home is washing machine.  While living in this advance and fast era, everyone is looking for a quick and easy way of washing their clothes. So, this machine helps you in washing in a minimum time with less effort required.  This fully automatic washing machines price in Pakistan is really affordable and the best priority for women now.

Why we recommend fully automatic machine?

You do not need to rub, squeeze from your hand or put any of the effort to wash your clothes. You just have to put clothes and select the washing mode in this machine, and then it wills automatically takes out the quantity of water and detergent required. It also automatically sets the timer for washing, rinsing and drying according to the amount of clothes and selected mode. There are two types of washing machines; top loading washing machine and front loading washing machine.

Types of fully automatic machines

  • Top loading washing machine

    It has the cover on the top of the machine through which the clothes are loaded or unloaded. Mostly people prefer this so they do not need to end their body. It is used more widely than the front loading washing machine.

  • Front loading washing machine

    The clothes are loaded form the front side and it consumes less electric energy, detergent and water. 90% of the European countries used this type of machine while in US 65% of the people used top loading washing machine.

Before purchasing, take suggestions

A lot of companies are now upgrading their appliances according to the energy consumption, design and functions. So you should take recommendation from the people who used these machines, like Dawlance and Samsung fully automatic washing machines are the best known for their efficiency and features. They are now producing front loading machines because of modern and efficient designs and also it consumes less power (500 watts) than the top loading machines (400-1300 watts).

You can buy the new and upgraded machines but before that decide the budget. The fully automatic washing machines price in Pakistan varies according to the version. So, always remember that the upgraded machines are costly but consume less electricity whether older version are in reasonable rates and require more power.

Customer reviews

Customers average response was positive. Most of the features are adaptable, though there were few drawbacks and complains from some customers which were resolvable. Most of them are happy with the fully automatic washing machines price in Pakistan. Above all, all the brands provide the warranties and entertain the queries of the customers without any delay.

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