Latest water dispensers

Latest water dispensers

What is water dispenser?

Water dispenser is a type of home appliances which cools and boils the water electrically. The other perspective behind water dispenser is, it provide clean and filtered water. So basically water dispenser purifies the water.

Types of Best water dispensers:

  1. Top and loading water dispenser: They are one of the most wanted dispensers because they are portable, have minimum chance of giving contaminated water. It has water bottle attached on its top.
  2. Wall mounted: The people who don’t have much time to change the bottle every three days, these water dispensers are best for them. They are connected with house’s pipelines and provide purified water.
  3. Counter top water dispensers: They are used in small places where they put them on the shelf. They are connected with pipeline or a bottle can also be fitted on them.
  4. Bottle-less water dispensers: They are connected directly with the pipelines. Specially designed for schools and industrial areas.

Latest models of water dispensers in Pakistan:

S.No  Brand Name Model .no Price Features Rating /customer reviews
1. Gree JW-JL500F Rs 14,900 ·         Super slim

·         Overheat protection

·         Led indicators for hot and cold

·         Mini refrigerator

·         Quite operation

·         Energy saving

·         Compressor cooling

2. Changhong ruba WD-CR33 Rs 13,300 ·         Cooling and heating function

·         Three knobs

·         Mini refrigerator


3. Orient OWD-529 Rs 12,600 ·         2two taps

·         Cabinet with fridge

·         Child safety lock

·         Hot and cold water

·         Thermo state refrigerator.

4. Enviro WD60-WF01 Rs. 11,500 ·            Double door for child safety

·            Highly Efficient compressor

·            Refrigerator with 16L space

·            CFC-Free

5. Ecostar WD-300F Rs. 11,500 ·  Overheat protection

·  Led indicators for hot and cold

·  Mini refrigerator

·  Quite operation

·  Energy saving

6. Annex AG-9082 Rs.13,400 ·         Energy saving

·         Hot and cold water

·         Fast compressor


7. Homage HWD-23 Rs. 12,600 ·         Stainless steel tank

·                  Cooling compressor

·                  Low-noise design

·                  Anti-bacterial material

·                  Child safety lock for hot water tap

·                  Two water taps


Tips for choosing an effective water dispenser:

  • The first and the most important point is, for which place or area you want purchase a water dispenser.
  • Secondly, search and do your homework on the best companies making water dispensers in your country. Always purchase a water dispenser from a reputed company that has best expertise regarding this domain.
  • Thirdly, there are various types of water dispensers made for different areas accordingly. There are some tips to looks on before selection that are:
    • Whether you want two taps or three according to your need
    • Do you want refrigerator as well
    • The design of the water dispenser suitable for the place you want to buy. Is that area spacious? Or you want to buy for school or office etc?



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