Tokyo taking Olympics 2020 to another level

The much anticipated Tokyo summer games have everyone captivated by its high-tech projects. The country is all set to showcase best of its technology in Olympics 2020. Robots picking you from the airports, translators sticking to your necks, self-driven taxis to take you to places using smartphones and you name it. The upcoming Olympics is going to be something we have never seen before.

The opening ceremony

A showcase of the artificial meteor shower will engulf the entire city at the night of the opening ceremony. ALE- a Japanese space startup responsible for making the opening ceremony an experience of its kind is preparing to trial the idea this year.


The event will be a brilliant show of small glowing spheres shooting from the microsatellites sent up space.

Driverless Taxis

Self-driven cars have got everyone’s attention since 2017. Just in every other high-tech innovation. Japan takes the lead by announcing the use of automated taxis for Olympics. Robot Taxi Inc. is currently working on this project to make it happen by the year the Olympics takes place. Moreover, robot taxis will pick up and drop the guests from the stadium to hotels, and vice versa. According to sources, the riders will be able to control these robot taxis using their smartphones just like Uber except that there will be no driver.


Robots at your service

Robot army is going to be another milestone for Tokyo in the Olympics 2020. Japan is committed to displaying a robot village where robots will be available to assist the guests in transportation, translation, and guidance at every step. The guests can hire robots as their tour guide. The US insinuated towards the creation of their robot army and Japan is all set to set an example in a couple of years.

Security through facial recognition

Remember all those sci-fi movies where facial ID was used to enter a building instead of our ‘old-school’ biometric? Well, in Tokyo that’s exactly how it is going to be; top-notch security with facial recognition incorporated in it.

NEC will be providing large-scale facial recognition system which can identify over 300,000 people at the games. Be it athletes, staff or the volunteers, everyone will have to go through the facial recognition system as a high-tech security measure.

Moreover, NEC has built its system on an AI engine called NeoFace. Photo data will be linked to an IC card that they will carry. NEC claims that it is the world’s top class face recognition technology.

Security of the guests is Tokyo’s one of the most primary concerns as unlike previous games, the host team wishes to have its events spread out in different parts of the city. And people will not be allowed to move freely between the venues and instead have to identify at numerous spots. The process will be as smooth as possible without making it time-consuming at all. The facial ID system has been tested on a six-foot-eight former volleyball player to show how seamlessly it works with people regardless of their height.

Is Olympics 2020 over-hyped?

Without any doubts, it’s not. What Japan has promised for summer games in 2020, we believe is what’s going to happen. Given the introduction of first ever bullet train in last time’s Olympics in Tokyo in 1964, we doubt anything less than extraordinary will be there this time. All multinational companies and top 10% of the world’s elites are going to attend Olympics 2020.

The hype all over the news is totally worth it as Japan can never disappoint us when it comes to technology.

We are rooting for Tokyo Olympics 2020, are you?

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